Chemical Inventory Utilities

Welcome to the UCAR Safety and Site Services Chemical Inventory utilities web site! We hope you will find our services useful. Our services are still in the development stage, so please bear with us. We will be adding features as they become available. At the moment, we are offering the Borrow-A-Chemical database lookup and have other features in the works.

We welcome your input and suggestions on additional information we might have in our chemical inventory and building inspection databases that you would like to be able to search via this web site.

Need a chemical today? Want to borrow some from a NCAR colleague? Find out who has one!

Enter the name of chemical to look for and press "Search". Use an asterisk to expand your search. For example, aceto* will locate acetone and acetonitrile; if looking for Formic acid, try entering Formic*, as some entries may look like "Formic acid, 95%".

NCAR SASS disclaims all liability for using services accessible through this web site. This site is intended solely as aid to the NCAR researchers. Use of this site constitutes your agreement not to hold NCAR SASS liable for accuracy of the provided information, which is limited by the ability of SASS to track frequently changing user inventories.
October 4, 2006  
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